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Choosing any direction of our activities, you can be sure that we will ensure fulfillment of the tasks in the shortest time, defining at the same time, according to the wishes and possibilities of the customer, the most optimal, mutually beneficial methods of their solution.

Protection of the objects


Armed (unarmed) protection of the objects – is one of the main directions of our activity – includes installation of all necessary technical equipment by client request: inside and outside surveillance cameras, video registers, alarm systems, equipment of preventing of unauthorized access, metal constructions, turnstiles, access control posts and etc. Also we provide protection of the buildings of different area and configuration of perimeter. Protection of objects from attempts of robbery, destruction, marauding, and also protection of intra - building access control regime.

 We offer complex solutions for protection of objects of any complexity, it doesn’t matter if it is commercial bank or private house, apartment or restaurant.

We use all available forces and means, and are ready to provide security on high professional level.

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Video Surveillance


Projecting, installation and maintenance of technical security equipment

Maintenance of complex security of the object includes installation of fire and security alarms, CCTV and access control system. Our specialists carry out the following activities to equip the object with technical means of protection:

• Projecting, installation and maintenance of security alarm systems; 
• Projecting, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems; 
• Projecting, installation and maintenance of CCTV systems; 
• Projecting, installation and maintenance of access control systems; 
• Preparation of projecting documentation for compliance with fire regulations and other normative acts. 
Installation of fire alarm systems. Modern fire alarm system - is a complex of technical equipment, special sensors reacting to smoke in premises and changing of air temperature. 

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Protection of property and material values during transportation

Necessity of transportation of various values ??and cargoes can appear both of individual person, private company or government agency. At the same time addressing to specialists for carrying out the transportation is more than necessity, as during the movement of value, money or goods are at risk of loss, theft, or damaging. Having decided to make delivery of the cargo by yourself, you may incur significant losses as a result of lack of experience in transportation.

Daily, one-time encashment, tracking of goods transporting within the range of the city, region – are the main tasks of protection and escorting.

As part of this service we undertake the following actions necessary to carry out our obligations professionally and in full.

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Physical protection


Physical protection of individual persons.

We are able to protect lives and health of individual persons. Your personal security – personal care of our team of bodyguards.

For effective implementation of these services, PSC organize and carry out personal protection of clients in the following directions:

  • check of the security level of places of permanent residence and routes of use:
  • preliminary analysis of locations for determining of risks degree during client visit
  • develop of individual route for security escorting
  • check of security and surveillance over the situation in the places of single client visit, including participation of client in corporate events.

Full range of services of our company:

  • Round the clock protection of the objects in Moscow and Moscow region (offices, buildings and constructions)

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