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Video Surveillance

Projecting, installation and maintenance of technical security equipment

Maintenance of complex security of the object includes installation of fire and security alarms, CCTV and access control system. Our specialists carry out the following activities to equip the object with technical means of protection:

• Projecting, installation and maintenance of security alarm systems;
• Projecting, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems;
• Projecting, installation and maintenance of CCTV systems;
• Projecting, installation and maintenance of access control systems;
• Preparation of projecting documentation for compliance with fire regulations and other normative acts.
Installation of fire alarm systems. Modern fire alarm system - is a complex of technical equipment, special sensors reacting to smoke in premises and changing of air temperature. Sensors of smoke and temperature send alert signals to the receiving-control panel and then signal is transmitted to panel of fire protection, notifying about threat of fire. There are many automatic fire alarm systems with different models for all types of premises. Our company installs fire alarm systems, as well as carrying out their adjustment and guaranteeing (post-warranty) service.
Installation of video surveillance systems. CCTV systems carry out video monitoring of the situation on the object - video surveillance of sales area, office and warehouse space, territory of houses and clubs. Video surveillance systems have the ability of recording the events taking place during your absence, recording data on digital or magnetic media for later playback.
Access control system. Access control system is created to track the passage of people in definite premises, as well as to collect and record information about the actions of employees and visitors. Access Control System (ACS) is developed to ensure control over the order on the object.

Our specialists will choose and install access control system for any of your object. The main places to install access control systems in enterprises are access control points (ACP), offices, warehouses, special purpose premises, space for entry of vehicles. Specialists of our company can install autonomous access control system and implement its installation as a part of the integrated security system of the building (together with security alarm and fire alarm systems).

After inspecting of object of protection, our specialists will provide you with full information about what types of alarm systems, security, and access control are required for your object. We offer full service of installation and after – sales service of the security systems and CCTV.

Security of the object consists of complex of measures. Full security can be achieved using correct and economically justifiable combination of prevention activities, technical equipment, posts of physical security.


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