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There is no universal security system which can be adapted to the needs of any customer of any private security company. Building of the security system is highly individual process which finally becomes unique product. Specific of activities of each potential client of our PCS may significantly differ from each other, accordingly security measures can be different based on customer’s wishes, schemes of work and defined tasks to specialists. In this or another case we use following principles to fulfill the tasks:

  1. Professionalism. Employees of our PSC in details know their job – work only in compliance with legislation and job descriptions. All security officers have identity cards of private security officers. Employees who work with weapons every year are checked for professional competence. We are interested in competent employees who know their job.
  2. Lawfulness.  Activities of our company and all employees are carried out in strict compliance with the requirements of legislation of the Russian Federation. Only relying on the power of law we can be really strong and confident in our rightness. Our employees acting within the bounds of law protect activities of the clients using all available legal means.
  3. Quality. We strive for being first in quality, timeliness and reliability of the security services. Basing on large work experience and wide client base, we have developed time – proved methodologies. Qualitative work of our employees – is a key to the success of our private security company and we being aware on it, try to correspond to high requirements which are necessary in present living conditions.
  4. Trust. All relationships with clients and partners of our organization are built on the principles of confidentiality, mutual trust and respect.  Working to ensure safety of the client and focusing on their needs in various security services, providing by private security company, for us always the main target is to defend client’s positions and interests.

Prevention of threats. Our experience shows that at present one of the major targets in ensuring of security of business are preventive or precautionary measures.  It is necessary to ensure the complex of preventative measures according to possible threats of hidden or open character. Security officers from our PSC have repeatedly proved thyself from the best side, not only detained criminals but also, not less important, stopped and prevented attempts of such unlawful acts.


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