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Protection of property and material values during transportation

Necessity of transportation of various values ??and cargoes can appear both of individual person, private company or government agency. At the same time addressing to specialists for carrying out the transportation is more than necessity, as during the movement of value, money or goods are at risk of loss, theft, or damaging. Having decided to make delivery of the cargo by yourself, you may incur significant losses as a result of lack of experience in transportation.

Daily, one-time encashment, tracking of goods transporting within the range of the city, region – are the main tasks of protection and escorting.

As part of this service we undertake the following actions necessary to carry out our obligations professionally and in full:

1. Protection of cargo using armored vehicles and armed guards.

2. Development of optimal route before sending off, considering of all possible risks.

3. Constant informing about the progress of transportation and location of cargo. Group is equipped with special communications (mobile phones, radio stations), with the use of which communicate with duty officer of PSC.

4. Provision to customer detailed information about movement of the cargo throughout the route.

There are following types of firearms in arsenal of the company: pistols IG-71 and P-96C, guns MP-133 S.

Our vehicle park - modern armored vehicles based on the vehicles Volkswagen and Ford.

Contract for escorting of cargos is formed taking into account all individual wishes of the client. In the points of the contract separately is negotiated number of guards to escort the group and their equipment. Optionally you can conclude with us as a one-time and long-term agreement. We guarantee high quality of service, timeliness of the execution and full confidentiality of relations. 


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